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Businesses: Pay Attention to “Sweetheart” Clues

In General, Strategy, Trends, Twitter on January 19, 2010 at 4:10 pm

The love-commercialized holiday is fast approaching.  Some call it Valentine’s Day, and other’s refer to it as Single Awareness Day.  Either way, we all can relate to receiving at least one box of those “Sweetheart Candies” every year (if not, I’ll send ya one, just email me :) ).  You know, those pastel sugar hearts with those mushy sayings: “Be Mine,”  “Be True,” “I love u,” “Kiss Me” …

Well, every business person should be paying close attention.  Because, as society & the way we communicate changes — so do those little heart messages.   Every year, some quirky messages are added, while others are retired.

For instance, in the early 90’s, NECCO added “Fax Me”… then it was “Call Me”…. and “Email Me.”   And those messages weren’t only for little Billy via little Susie…they were clues to businesses!  If a business back then wasn’t utilizing faxes, phones & emails, they probably got ‘dumped’ rather quickly.

NOW…guess what’s on this year’s Sweetheart candy?!  That’s right…a SOCIAL MEDIA phrase:

“Tweet Me”

A clue to any business that’s still on the fence about adopting social media.  “This is an indication of the new media yet to come,” stated Patricia Martin, cultural guru and author (USA Today).  Sweethearts definitely has and continues to keep the pulse on the heartbeat of the nation.

[Please check out the full article in the  USA TODAY (Bruce Horovitz): An eat-able, tweetable sweet treat.]

So pop open your box of Sweethearts, and start tweeting some sweet content…(okay, set up a strategic plan first if you’re a business).  :)

And consumers, if you notice that one of your favorite brands isn’t communicating with you through some sort of social network, send them a box (maybe tape or glue the “tweet me” heart to the outside, haha)!  ;-)

Here’s to a SUPER SWEET 2010!

**Interesting Fact:  The odds of picking a “Tweet Me” Sweetheart candy is about 1 in 80.  There are 79 other phrases in use this year!