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Social Media – Q & A Topics

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Social Media Fad?

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Q:  Isn’t social media just a fad?    —  Kim, AEGON (Cedar Rapids, IA)

A:  Social Media is definitely that “hot item” on the Internet Runway…lots of “ewws” & “ahhs” are being heard.  AND it’s a look that’s definitely NOT leaving anytime soon.  In fact, Social Media is changing the way people & businesses communicate.  One, could go as far as to say that we are experiencing the “Social Media Revolution.”

Social Media tools allow business & professional service providers to build relationships with people who are already interested and seeking their products and/or services…and these same tools allow customers/individuals to communicate with a PERSON at a company, versus the ‘company.’   Social Media also allows people to have a voice…and make comments, share opinions & experiences about a company.

Let’s just say that any technology that helps people communicate easier, will not be abandoned.  It’s basic human behavior – we are social beings.  :)

Thanks for your question!

What’s in your social media future?

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Greetings, Social Media Friend!

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Thank you for checking out the Social Buzz Media Blog. :).

Our mission is to share the latest & greatest information, tidbits, and articles within the social media world…as well as answer your questions.  We want you to have a clearer understanding of how to apply and use Social Media in your Business and/or for your Personal Brand.

Also – it is our policy that any questions that we answer on this blog, are open to your comments & additions.  We want to provide & create the best answer possible.

We look forward to making you a buzzworthy friend!  :-)

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