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Entrepreneurs: 10 Social Networking Sites

In General, Strategy on November 18, 2009 at 9:47 am

In light of Global Entrepreneur’s Week, and the Entrepreneur’s Expo in Kansas City this weekend…here are the Top 10 Social Networking Sites for Entrepreneurs (from Mashable). Each are great resources and offer guidance to those wanting to start and/or grow their business.

1.  Entrepreneur Connect:  Started by Entrepreneur Media (which creates Entrepreneur Magazine), this social site focuses on entrepreneurs and small business owners who want to share ideas.

2.  PartnerUp:  When you’re searching for people and resources for specific business opportunities, this is a great site.   Includes a directory for small-mid sized businesses to promote services.

3.  StartupNation:  Entrepreneurs will be better prepared for business decisions after hanging out at this site.  SUPER content – articles, forums, blogs, on-demand seminars, and podcasts!

4.  LinkedIn:  Brand yourself as an expert, find partners, start a group, network… join “On Startups” group (over 54,000 members)

5.  Biznik:  This isn’t another “LinkedIn” -Freelancers, CEOs, and the self-employed are on here.  This is a place to share ideas.

6.  Perfect Business:  Talk about meeting people! – serious entrepreneurs, experts and investors from a variety of industries hang out here.  Plus there are videos to learn from successful entrepreneurs, a business plan builder and even an investor center!

7.  Go BIG Network:  Find funding sources, service providers and more.  (Great for job seekers)

8.  Cofoundr:  Made up of idea makers, entrepreneurs, programmers, web designers, investors, freelancers and executives.  Primary focus of  this strictly private network is to start a new web venture.  (Must have college or work email address to join)

9.  The Funded:  Here entrepreneurs  research, rate and review funding sources – which helps in finding good investors.

10.  Young Entrepreneur:  The site for young, interested entrepreneurs to learn more about a range of topics regarding business & entrepreneurship.

BONUS: The Rise To The Top –  This is a personal favorite of mine.  David Garland (super guy!) is the founder and host of  the #1 Show For Young-And-Young At Heart Entrepreneurs. In 2010, they are launching a brand new 5-day-a-week web show with tips, tricks and resources for entrepreneurs to build killer businesses and market them like champions.

Global Entrepreneurship Week: Entrepreneur Traits

In Uncategorized on November 13, 2009 at 8:57 am

Global Entrepreneurship Week is right around the corner (November 16-22)…and I’ve been reading about various successful entrepreneurs, and it’s been kind of fun to write out some of the traits of these people.  Entrepreneurs are SPECIAL & TALENTED people in my opinion!  It takes a lot of courage and guts to venture out and go after dreams —  though, you may not realize it while you’re doing it!  ;-)

Here we go…please feel free to add to the list below.

Know Strengths & Weaknesses
Follow-up Constantly
Maximize Opportunities
Intuition Effective Money Management
Work Hard
Know Your Limits
Based on Passion/Heart
Not scared to ASK questions
Customer is #1 always
Positive Attitude
On top of Latest Technology
Leverages Technology to Level Playing Field
Solid Reputation
Believes in Self
Great Negotiator
Self Motivated
Hire/Delegate Well
Maintain Life Balance

What do you think?

P.S.  Here in Kansas City, we have the SHBC Entrepreneur’s Expo on Thursday (Nov. 19)… check out KC Expo and  Unleashing Ideas and for more information.