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New: Following Companies on LinkedIn

In LinkedIn on April 29, 2010 at 12:09 pm

LinkedIn is becoming more like Facebook & Twitter.  As of last night, you can now “follow” companies on LinkedIn, which means you are now able to get notifications on activitiy happening at the companies you follow.  This feature might seem small at first, however, it could benefit a lot of sales/marketing, job-seeker, investor folks in regards to staying in the know of a company.

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Google Changes Name to ‘Topeka’ on April Fool’s Day

In General on April 1, 2010 at 8:18 am

Web search engine Google changes name to ‘Topeka’ on April Fool’s Day

It’s no joke, go to the world’s favortie search engine and you’ll see that TOPEKA has replaced GOOGLE.  Yes, we realize it’s ironically April Fool’s Day…

The change is purportedly a return gesture to Topeka, Kanasas, whose mayor unofficially renamed the city “Google, Kansas,” for the month of March in an effort to land a spot on Google’s “Fiber for Communities” program. The initiative, launched this year by Google, promises to install new broadband cables in random communities around the United States

Topeka is on the map now!  And if you’re wondering where in the world Topeka, KS is…Google Maps: Topeka

Check out the full article in the NY Daily News.  :)