Recruiting College Students via Social Media

In General, Strategy, Trends on April 12, 2011 at 9:54 am

Recruiters know that communicating through social media is like breathing, to the younger generation.  Sites like Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter & Youtube are all being used to promote and engage material.  So why not recruit college students using those sites as tools?

Here are a few suggestions to attract and interact with college students entering into the job market:

1.  Make it Personal – Let the audience know who’s behind the social media account (writing the posts).  You want college students to be able to relate to a PERSON at your company.

2. Keep it Real – Allow other employees at your company to tell why they love working there – through video!

3. Deliver Exclusivity – Show “behind the scenes” of what your company does – give the viewers a taste of what a day in the life of a (list position here) is…if that’s something you’re hiring for or someone they will be working with.  Also – share photos and videos from company gatherings/holiday parties/contests/etc.

4. Add Value – Allow students to tweet questions about your company – make it easy for them to reach someone and get an answer.  Share information about the work environment, mentoring programs, advancement opportunities within the company and how they can impact the workplace right away.

5. Stay Ahead of the Curve – Stay up to date on the latest social media trends.  Think about QR codes and specific apps that your company could utilize/create to help the recruiting process.

Check out Mashable for complete article and more suggestions.


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