Marketing Lessons from Halloween

In General on November 1, 2010 at 10:40 pm

Everything you need to know about marketing…you already learned yesterday, on Halloween.

Okay, it might sound a little strange…just “read” me out.

On Saturday night, a few friends and I were chatting about Halloween…and before we knew it, we were all sharing ideas on what would make it fun for the kids….AND adults!  Which then lead to a conversation about Halloween as a kid…and sure enough, we all remember “certain” houses that gave the BEST treats, as well as the LAME ones too.  Oh and the costumes we chose to wear (or were forced to wear), haha!

Anyway…today I was thinking of how marketing fits into Halloween.  Let’s look at the 4 C’s vs. the 4 P’s of Marketing:

  1. Consumer Wants & Needs (vs. Product) – Knowing our audience, it’s safe to say that they want an exciting, tasty treat…and it’s those BIG candy bars that typically get kids excited (or glow sticks, which is a better compromise with parents on “tooth-brush”).
  2. Cost to Satisfy (vs. Price) – Our audience hasn’t earned enough allowance yet to afford much, and some are just learning to walk.  So, free is the cost…just as long as they dressed up and ask for the treat.
  3. Convenience to buy/ask (vs. Place) – A well lit house within the “consumer’s” neighborhood would be ideal.
  4. Communication (vs. Promotion) –  The kids will be your promotion.  Word of mouth starts at a young age, haha…and kids don’t talk…THEY SHOUT!  (Several kids ran from our house shouting “Look!  They gave me the BIG kind!”)

Also – check out these other lessons that can be learned from the holiday:

From Michael Stelzner, Halloween Marketing Lessons :

  • If you want someone knocking on your door, turn on the light.
  • Be prepared to give something away.
  • Engage visitors, and they will love you.

From Paul Williams, of MarketingProfs:

  • When it comes to Haunted Houses, the more attention to detail you put into it, the better and more believable the experience is for guests. The same applies to your business. Pay attention to delivering quality at every customer touchpoint, and the more they’ll believe you’re a great brand.
  • The best scary movies have music to build suspense and fear. What soundtrack plays at your business?
  • If your plan is to scare kids on your front porch, you’ll have much better success if you keep your mask on and stay in character. Same thing applies to front-line employees, while customers are present, they need to stay in character as the “friendly, happy, sweet salesperson.”
  • Being “friendly, happy, and sweet” isn’t enough. Employees need to be genuine. Just like Halloween candy, too much artificial sweet will upset stomachs.
  • Every day is Halloween at your business. Characters of all shapes and sizes (some scary) come to your door looking for treats. If you don’t deliver, the trick is they won’t return.

Social Buzz Media, other highlights:

  • Know your audience, know their taste…and be prepared to deliver the tastiest content that gets raved about (and maybe shared, haha).  Some of my friends’ neighbors turned their front yard into a place for kids to play games, while the adults enjoyed a cider & helped kids toast marshmallows over the fire.
  • Take an interest in your audience & compliment them on their personal branding (attire).
  • Give people an option, but not too many: i.e.  TRICK or TREAT?  LOL

Can you think of any other marketing lessons you learned from Halloween?  :-)

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