Bee Brains can Out Smart Computers ?

In General, Uncategorized on October 26, 2010 at 10:29 am

    Okay, so this post doesn’t have anything to do with social media, directly…

    However, since the Social Buzz Media “mascot” is BUZZ, the Bee…we figured we would share how cool he really is.

    We’ve all heard how a bumble bee shouldn’t be able to fly, given the size & weight of the bee, and how small their wings are. And people say “the reason the bumble bee can fly is because nobody every told him he couldn’t.” Well, that is the same mentality and principle we started with at Social Buzz Media as we helped small businesses & entrepreneurs get started with social technologies. (By the way – research has shown that the bee can fly because it’s wings move at a SUPER FAST rate, in a helicopter-like motion.)

    Anyway, Buzz just got a promotion. :-) Research has now shown that bees can solve complex mathematical problems, which keep computers busy for days. (The full report will be featured in American Naturalist journal.)

    “The insects learn to fly the shortest route between flowers discovered in random order, effectively solving the “traveling salesman problem,'” said scientists at Royal Holloway (Univ. of London).

    It’s amazing that bees manage to reach the same location as a computer would choose, using a brain the size of a grass seed!

    “Despite their tiny brains bees are capable of extraordinary feats of behaviour,” said Raine. “We need to understand how they can solve the travelling salesman problem without a computer.”


    Hmmm – makes me ponder whether we rely on computers too much… if a bee can figure it out, do we really need to rely technology to do our thinking/problem solving? Our minds have unlimited potential. Hey, I love technology – just thinking we could take the lesson from the bee who uses his own mind. Just pondering out loud. :)


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