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In General, LinkedIn, Strategy on October 20, 2010 at 12:29 am

“Unity is strength… when there is teamwork and collaboration, wonderful things can be achieved.” – Mattie Stepanek

Think back to a project you had to collaborate on with fellow colleagues or classmates.  You would all come together for a meeting, discuss the project/solution, delegate who does what part…and then go home, or back to your desk to work individually.  (I’m thinking back to college, before all of these social/online tools were invented…trying to coordinate everyone’s crazy schedules and whatnot.)

Then, most likely, you ran into that challenge of combining/blending everyone’s work together or even being able to discuss your work with everyone at one time.

Well, those days are pretty much over.  The following tools now make it easier to collaborate on projects, online.  Check them out:

From Authority Labs:

Skype is handy for conference calls, remote podcasting, filesharing. You can buy US-local numbers and use it for call forwarding when abroad. It even saves voice mail for playbacks!

Basecamp enables you to file documents in a secure place with varying degrees of access per team member. Great for brainstorming, client collaboration, note-taking or project management. (You can even use it to build a race car.)

Google Docs not only helps you open PowerPoint presentations, Excel spreadsheets and Word documents from the cloud, but you can share, store and collaborate on editing them in real time. Revise a presentation with your Skype buddy; download files to your desktop when done.

Dropbox helps you sync and share files à distance. The free version starts at 2 GB of storage. It also keeps previous versions of files in case something goes horribly wrong in the present. (We’ve gushed over this one before.)

Evernote creates digital Post-It-like notes for you! Keep everything you need to remember in one Net-accessible place. Build an image gallery for someone to offer feedback on; share conference notes.

What other tools do you utilize to help collaborate?

*LinkedIn has a couple of apps to help you collaborate within your network: GoogleDocs &
Others have recommended: &



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