Going Viral the Neuro Way…

In Strategy, Trends, Video on September 7, 2010 at 11:40 am

Psychology and the study of human potential are two topics that FASCINATE me.  Recently, I was reading a study done by OTOInsights, which looked at user-created content (video & flash animation) from a neuromarketing standpoint.  And as we all know, video is a hot trend in the social media world.  Videos create that connection for a user to a brand or person.

However, the intriguing part…why do some videos go viral, while most do not?   Well, this study gauged the emotional engagement of viewers and then compared the data to actual content ratings (see chart).

Here is a summary of the major findings from OTOInsights:

1. Traditional evaluation methods are insufficient for explaining and interpreting emotional response to digital media.

2. Setting expectations prior to content viewership encourages positive ratings and engagement.

3. Viewers encourage and respond positively to emotional content.

4. Empathy and appeal are key strategies for promoting positive emotional response and engagement.

Based on these findings, the report suggests the following steps to better optimize content:

1. Measure for emotion and engagement during the media’s development to help predict viewer response on release.

2. Carefully craft metadata to promote the media while also setting accurate expectations of its content and style.

3. Provide emotionally rich content but ensure emotionally satisfying conclusions are possible.

4. Empathize with viewer’s personal histories or appeal to the interests and culture of their micro-community to promote positive response and engagement.

For the full report – OTOInsights UGC Report



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