Facebook vs. Google

In Facebook, General, Strategy, Trends on August 25, 2010 at 10:20 am

Facebook vs Google. In the battle of Pay-Per-Click advertising effectiveness, which platform is it going to be?  Google is the ever-popular search engine which can identify who’s in the market for a product or service, while Facebook – the most popular social networking site – knows “which causes are important to you, which videos you like to share and how often you make recommendations to your friends.”   As a result, “social media advertising opportunities are yielding better-qualified, higher-ROI results compared to the Google ad network” and making it hard for Google to compete.

Here’s a quick comparison of the Facebook and Google models to help you determine which is best for your business.

Keyword Targeting
Facebook: Targeting with keywords is optional
Google: Keyword specification is required

Targeting Details
Facebook: Can target by location, keywords, interest, workplace, birthdate and/or age
Google: Can target by location and keywords

Ad Placement
Direct to users right on their profile page
Google: Ads are often placed on obscure, undisclosed websites

Market Saturation
It’s a newer platform, so fewer advertisers
Google: Crowded, it is still one of the top-producing online advertising networks

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