Free tech support options…

In General, Q&A on August 4, 2010 at 10:33 am

We’ve all been there.  When the computer is acting funky and we spend hours doing the trouble-shooting thing (google, forums, etc) and “control, alt, deleting” it.  This is where a good tech buddy would come in handy, huh?

Good news!  If you don’t have that patient, computer guru in your roladex (or he or she no longer answers your phone calls)…there are a few resources you can try before having to spend a dime.

1.  LinkedIn Answers.  You can always post a question in the “answers” section – and usually get an expert answer fairly quickly.

2.  Aardvark.  All you do is send Aardvark your question, they find the perfect person to answer, and you get their response within a few minutes!  Voila!  (Where was this when I was in High School & College?)

3.  Protonic. This site offers free computer support and computer related information online & by email.  Protonic is manned by volunteers from all across the globe, helping others fix technology problems. (They even do quality assurance sampling to maintain high standards!)

What other resources do you know of that would be helpful during those “crunch” times?

  1. Thanks for sharing Bethany…more good tips from my Social Media guru!

  2. Thanks Bethany! I can’t tell you how timely this is for me. My printer is not working after a power outage on Thursday. I’m trying to figure out if it’s salvagable.
    Have a great weekend!

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