Google, Facebook Conversations?

In Facebook, General, Strategy on December 10, 2009 at 1:15 pm

Thought you all might find this interesting, from CMS Wire!  Something to keep in mind moving forward with your social media plans. :)

Because of Google, Watch What You Say On Facebook

Google recently announced a new real-time search feature to their well-used search engine. Under the new set of features, Google users will be able to track real-time conversations on sites such as Twitter, MySpace and Facebook.

So, if you are a Facebook user and your profile is set to public, you should watch what you say on the social networking site. This is because, soon, all Facebook status messages will be open for Google to discover and display along with all the other search results Google serves.

As ReadWriteWeb points out, because Facebook has almost 10 times the number of users that Twitter has, Facebook could become a huge force of real-time status updates when it comes to events and current happenings.

Also, with Facebook’s rich personal profiles, there is more data to pinpoint demographic information about the people behind those messages, which is key information for advertisers and other third-party users.


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