Social Media Tricks = Treats

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Top 10: SOCIAL MEDIA SWEETNESSsocial media pumpkin

Happy Halloween, Friends!

In light of the Halloween holiday, I figured I would share some of my favorite Social Media “Tricks”…that really are “Treats” for business owners & service professionals.

Like candy, everyone has their favorite…same with social media tools, some are sweeter than others.  :)  Here are 10 treats to satisfy you social media sweet tooth.  Stay tuned for Thanksgiving…when I reveal a few more!

Social Media Sweetness Top 10:

1.  Facebook vanity URL – make it easy for people to find you & easier for you to use on marketing collateral!  (Hint: Use the “Memorable Web Address” application if you haven’t reached 100 fans yet.)
2. – GREAT tool that will blasts your “status update” to all of your networks at once.
3.  Facebook Applications – check out the business listing of apps!
4.  Yugma – FREE web Conferencing, online meetings and web collaboration services
5.  Samepoint – a conversation search engine that allows you to see what people are talkin about.
6.  StumbleUpon – love to ‘stumble upon’ other people’s favorite websites…
7.  Delicious – shared book-marking
8.  Google Reader & Google Alerts – planning & listening are two vital parts of social media.  These two items offer the listening piece.
9.  Mashable – great resource for learning the latest and greatest in the social media world.
10.  Tynt – this tool tracks what users are copying from your site.

BONUS:  Halloween Pumpkin Carvings...

Have a SPOOOKTACULAR Halloween!


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